The country as the stage of time

Sarsina is a stage full of history and sacred rites. You can feel the presence of Plautus, a playwright born in the town, in every one of its stones. We hear the echoes of his satirical plays reverberating from the arena stage across the alleyways and houses.

The Ancient Roman remains, reputed for their uniqueness, are evidence of a truly magnificent city that has preserved and perpetuated its importance from antiquity to the present day.

In its picturesque historical centre, you can find evidence of the passage of time, which reaches its highest expression at the National Archaeological Museum, housing artefacts from Ancient Rome, and in the Basilica of San Vicinio, an admirable example of Romanesque architecture, with its warm red-brick façade.

As you enter the Basilica, you can feel the spiritual atmosphere created by the blessed sacred chain of San Vicinio, which attracts tens of thousands of pilgrims from all over the world every year, walking the Cammino di San Vicinio.

To fully immerse yourself in nature, organise a tour of the Parco delle Marmitte dei Giganti (Giants’ Pots Park), an impressive area of erosion caused by ancient glaciers.

Travel tips

The Cammino di San Vicinio runs for over 300 km along the Savio Valley, starting in Sarsina and passing through woods, forests and alongside lakes to the hermitage of Camaldoli. 

Travel tips

Be sure to catch the Plautus Festival, a showcase of Plautus’ comedies held every summer in the town’s open-air theatre.

Travel tips

Visit Plautus’ House in via Cappello, near the square. A tradition links this Roman-era building to the name of the famous playwright.


Do you know why the chain, kept in the Basilica of San Vicinio, is called thaumaturgical? Because of its miraculous power!