Exploring the Savio Valley

Six towns in one valley. The river Savio flows through this land, uniting its diversity and uniqueness.
Each town is the star of the show and expresses its own voice, memories and identity as part of the whole.

Scroll through them all and discover their secrets. Each one is waiting for you to fall in love with its story!

Bagno di Romagna

The wellness town for body and soul where you will find hotels with luxury thermal baths, spas and beauty centres, plus trails through unspoilt countryside and town festivals and fairs that bring to light forgotten food and wine traditions reinterpreted by award-winning chefs in their restaurants.


A refined and noble city that knows how to impress with its elegant ancient and contemporary landmarks, its art and beauty, and traditional local fare in colourful bistros on narrow street corners. A city that preserves a priceless heritage to be shared with its residents and visitors.

Mercato Saraceno

A town that is imbued with the aroma of its native grape varieties and in whose wine cellars visitors can discover its rich history. This is a town that cherishes its heritage and its deep-rooted passion for the land, and that preserves an important memory and legacy in its name.


A delightful little town that lies on the ancient Rocca (Fortress), built by the Malatesta family who governed the estate and made it a success. It looks out over an area that is filled with the fragrance of vines and olive trees, alternating between hills and plains stretching down to the sea.


An ancient Roman town, home of the illustrious playwright, Plautus. A place where we find magnificent archaeological remains that bear witness to the grandeur of a civilisation that spanned centuries. It is a sacred crossroads, a place where pilgrims pass by in search of a miraculous blessing.


This natural treasure chest contains countless treasures, from forests, high mountains and rolling hills to villages, towns and river springs.
All to be discovered slowly, one by one, on the paths and trails that criss-cross it.