Mercato Saraceno

The home of noble vines

Mercato Saraceno is a prestigious open-air winery with its identity strongly rooted in agriculture and the land, sealed by the presence of the ancient native Sangiovese, Albana and Famoso vines. Noble by virtue of its vines and records, Mercato Saraceno once belonged to Saraceno degli Onesti, the town’s feudal lord at the time of Dante. Which is where its name comes from.

The River Savio creates a spectacular sight at Mercato Saraceno, for the town’s position on a high cliff means that the river cascades over the top, creating several waterfalls.

For those who love trekking and biking, there are 100 km of nature trails running through stunning countryside, including veritable canyons hewn by streams, rolling fertile hills, and sacred, peaceful places like the parish churches of San Damiano and Montesorbo, as well as the picturesque bridge over the river Savio and historic vineyards where you can sample fine wines.

Relax a while in this oasis in the Savio Valley, just a stone’s throw from Tuscany and the Umbrian-Casentine forest.


Legend has it that Saraceno degli Onesti created a market near the only bridge over the Savio between Cesena and Bagno di Romagna. Hence the name of the town: visit the village and discover its origin! 

Travel tips

The first bottle of Famoso, produced from the original vine of this ancient Romagnolo variety, was unveiled at Vinitaly 2017. You can taste it at Mercato Saraceno’s best wineries!

Travel tips

The famous Barbotto climb, known to expert cyclists as a stage in the famous Nove Colli race, starts at the bridge over the Savio river in Mercato Saraceno. Would you like to give it a try?

Travel tips

You mustn’t leave Mercato Saraceno without first tasting pagnotta pasquale, a typical local cake that is said to have originated here. It is so-called because it was traditionally eaten on Easter morning together with a ‘blessed egg’.