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Majestic nature
amidst forests, lakes and mountains

Breathe. Look at the sky above you, soaring with your gaze. Listen to the wind in the trees and the silence breeze. Let the soft grass caress you. Breathe in the scent of the trees. In the nature of the Savio Valley, let go of stress and frenzy, now move slowly and follow your passions.

With this route you can explore the wonders created by the environment and found in the Savio Valley such as the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests, the Forests of Careste-Sarsina, Monte Falterona and Fumaiolo, the Ridracoli Dam, the Altopiano di San Paolo in Alpe and the paths of the Rio Cavo.

Whether you love the thrill of outdoor activities or the peace of stopping and admiring and being part of your surroundings, plan a holiday among the vast landscapes and boundless natural beauty.

Live it all the real and genuine emotions with immersive nature experiences: boat trips, hiking or horseback riding through forests, recreational fishing at the lakes, events to discover the most beautiful colours of autumn at the Fall Foliage, trips to listen to the roaring of the deer and the experience of forest bathing.

Bagno di Romagna

Bagno di Romagna knows how to surprise you in every season of the year with trekking and snow tours on Monte Comero and the lakes, events amidst the colours of the Fall Foliage in autumn, in spring and summer the magical world of the Gnome Path and canoe or boat trips to the grandiose Ridracoli Dam. All this in the unique beauty of the Casentino Forest National Park.

Views in nature

  • National Park of the Casentinesi Forests
  • Ridracoli Dam
  • Monte Comero and the three lakes
  • Fall Foliage in Autumn
  • The Gnome Path

Carry a water bottle and some bags in your backpack to put the waste to be thrown away at the end of the excursion in the recycling bins. Please also remember to use cardboard or recyclable packaging for food.


Cesena is a city framed by hills: a few minutes from the city centre, you can find yourself in the calm and tranquillity of the hilly landscapes and enjoy hours in the open air. You can organise a day out among farmhouses and farms or a walk along the footpath along the Savio river.

Views in nature

  • The Gessi Walk
  • Walk along the Savio pedestrian pathway

Always respect the paths, by following the recommended signs and tracks, to take care of the vegetation and animals you may encounter on your route.

Mercato Saraceno

Mercato Saraceno is a small but beautiful village on the hills between the plains and the vineyards. You can lose yourself in the village among the scents of wine and silent landscapes and observe the splendour of the Savio river waterfall. The streams around the village have created creeks over time, which today are a natural spectacle not to be missed on a trek.

Views in nature

  • Savio river waterfall
  • Trekking through the gullies and at Fosso Sassignolo
  • Tasso trails in Borgo di Linaro
  • Rio Cavo Path


Montiano is a natural balcony on the Apennines: imagine the view following the lush greenery until you catch a glimpse of the sea running along the horizon.
Ring of Water, Ring of Memory, Ring of the Earth are just some of the eight ring paths, where you can walk around Montiano, among elements of nature, poetic themes and excellent farmhouses, where you can taste the typical products of this land.

Views in nature

  • Itineraries on the Poetic Paths
  • Remembrance Park
  • Panoramic balcony

Ask for information about protected plants and fungi before picking them, as unprotected species need to be harvested in small quantities. In nature reserves or national parks, picking plants and mushrooms is prohibited.


Sarsina is surrounded by the forests of the Foreste di Careste to be discovered on foot or on horseback. Here you can embark on a mystical experience, which envelops nature and the sacred, with the Way of San Vicino, starting from the Sanctuary with the same name, or immerse yourself in the Marmitte dei Giganti Park, enormous cavities in the rock that create a unique phenomenon in Romagna.

Views in nature

  • The path of San Vicinio
  • Site of Community Interest “Careste at Sarsina”
  • Park of the Marmitte dei Giganti

Please bear in mind that you are in the natural habitat of many animal species. It is essential that you behave in a calm and cautious manner and be careful when choosing where to sit in order to avoid ant colonies, nests or burrows.


A pearl in the heart of nature, surrounded by high mountains, from 500 m above sea level to the 1400 m of Mount Fumaiolo. If you feel like an adventure, Verghereto is the right place for you: trekking, snow trekking, climbing on the Ripa della Moia and slower activities such as walks in search of chestnuts, mushrooms and truffles or fishing in the river.

Views in nature

  • Monte Fumaiolo
  • Tiber and Savio Springs
  • Alferello Waterfalls

“The moon is the only star that is born behind the mountains and sets within us”

Tonino Guerra