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Paths of the spirit and sacred places

Time appears to stand still in the Savio Valley, every sound is muffled and chimes softly like Zen music. Here you can ease your tensions, let go of your worries and fill your spirit with the peace and silence of this land of contemplation. You are in a huge temple of nature where the columns are the thousand-year-old trees and the ceiling is the blue sky.

This path welcomes you and opens the doors to the Valley’s most mystical mysteries, legends and traditions through paths you can follow on roads and trails, but above all with your heart and mind in a metaphorical journey of spiritual regeneration.


The Sanctuary of San Vicinio and of Corzano, the Hermitage of Sant’Alberico, the Pieve di San Damiano and Montesorbo and the Basilica del Monte are the sacred places that connect you with your soul and the world around you.

Discover the experiences and organise a holiday, where the mantra is the restoration of your essence: routes in the Sacred Forests or on the Via Romea Germanica, trekking among ancient abandoned parishes and emotional experiences to re-embrace the bond with nature.

Bagno di Romagna

The Sanctuary of Santa Maria Assunta, where a miracle took place, the Sanctuary of Corzano, where the Madonna is kept, who is believed to have put an end to the earthquake in 1835, almost 2,000 km of paths through the Apennines on the Via Romea Germanica, travelled in the Middle Ages by thousands of pilgrims, and the paths of the Sacred Forests to the sanctuaries of Camaldoli and La Verna. Visit Bagno di Romagna, the village where wellness is for body and soul.

Notes of spirituality

  • Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta
  • Sanctuary of the Madonna di Corzano
  • Via Romea Germanica
  • Sacred forests at the Sanctuaries of La Verna and Camaldoli

“Beauty will win”

Tonino Guerra


Cesena, loved for its artistic treasures, is also known for the ancient Benedictine Abbey of Santa Maria del Monte. Plagued by fires, battles and earthquakes, the sanctuary has withstood all trials over the centuries and from its high position it seems to want to protect the entire city. In Cesena, you can discover other sacred places, such as the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista and the Church of SS. Annunciata, known as the Osservanza, with important 17th and 19th century paintings.

Notes of spirituality

  • Abbey of Santa Maria del Monte
  • Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista
  • Church of the SS Annunciata
  • Tre Monti Oratory
  • Church of Santa Cristina

Take some time for yourself and choose a place where you feel connected to the world, under a centuries-old tree or looking at the horizon. Treat yourself to a meditation break with a good podcast or a good book, which nourishes the spirit.

Mercato Saraceno

In the surroundings of Mercato Saraceno, you can easily reach two places of the heart, which will surprise you with their charge of spirituality and will make your spirit vibrate. The parish church of Montesorbo, located on a panoramic road, destination and resting point for pilgrims on their way to Rome, and the parish church of Santi Cosma and Damiano, the oldest church in the area, where rare frescoes are preserved.

Notes of spirituality

  • Parish church of Montesorbo
  • Parish church of Saints Cosma and Damiano

“But in the small worlds there is so much beauty that is dying.
If we save it, we save us.”
Tonino Guerra


Devotion, the search for meaning and healing are the elements that characterise the Way of San Vicinio. It starts from Sarsina, from the Basilica where the miraculous chain that belonged to the saint is preserved, and runs for 300 km along the Apennines between Romagna and Tuscany in 14 stages surrounded by nature and far from all noise. Pack your backpack and set off on this journey of the soul!

Notes of spirituality

  • Basilica of San Vicinio
  • Abbey of San Salvatore in Summano
  • Way of San Vicinio

“We need to create places to stop our rush and wait for the soul”

Tonino Guerra


Verghereto is the place where, thanks to the majesty and wonder of nature, the spirit can find the greatest sense of peace and serenity among the fairytale landscapes in the Valley. In a heart of unspoiled nature, there is a place that does not let anyone leave the same as when they arrive, the Hermitage of Sant’Alberico. Lost, alone, isolated in the mountains, it offers its visitors inner liberation from all frenzy.

Notes of spirituality:

  • Hermitage Sant’Alberico

“Beauty is already a prayer”

Tonino Guerra

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Bagno di Romagna
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Bagno di Romagna