The town that is a natural treasure trove

Verghereto is a town set amidst a majestic natural paradise. Hidden behind truffle fields and chestnut woods, it stands on a medieval rocky spur surrounded by ancient walls.

Its imposing mountains are home to the source of two rivers, the Savio, the Tiber near by Montecoronaro on Mount Fumaiolo, a well-known tourist and ski resort.

Verghereto is the perfect place for those who love to venture out into nature with routes suitable for snowshoeing, trekking, cycling and free climbing, and for those who have a passion for picture-postcard landscapes, created by enchanting villages that cling to the mountainside.

In the surrounding area of the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines there are numerous villages, such as Montecoronaro, Ville di Montecoronaro and Alfero, a hamlet between the Comero and Fumaiolo massifs. Not far from these are La Capanna and Riofreddo, villages of stone houses between Alferello and Fosso Radice.
Organise a route and discover them all!

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Rupe della Moia is the place for free climbers, snowshoeing (even at night), trekking, biking and horse riding. Monte Fumaiolo is a paradise for sports enthusiasts!


The Cocomerina pear, which still grows on the hills of Ville di Montecoronaro, is so-called because of its watermelon-like colour and small size. This ‘forgotten’ fruit is now a Slow Food product.

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Tradition has it that Verghereto was built around the Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo, which was destroyed by a landslide. Today, you can visit the famous hermitage of Sant’Alberico, an oasis of peace located a short distance from the town.

Travel tips

Did you know that Monte Fumaiolo, at 1408 m, is one of the highest peaks in the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines? It is located in the municipality of Verghereto!